General Information

Parking at the Cruise Terminal is a revolving system. The ships arrive between 7:00am–8:00am, and passengers who have parked at the terminal are often finished with customs and off the property by 10:00am–10:30am, freeing up parking spaces.

On-site Parking is open, and the Porters are available by 9:00am. Most vehicle traffic at the terminal is from buses, shuttle service, taxis, drop-off, and pick-up.

The height restriction on personal vehicles for rooftop parking is eight (8) feet.

If you have any further questions, please call 212-641-4440, Monday through Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm.

Parking discounts and coupons are no longer accepted (effective July 1, 2017).

Parking Rates*
No short-term parking No show parking
Cruise Parking
1 to 10 nights
$40.00/per night
Extended Cruise Parking
11 to 14 nights
*Cruise passenger parking only.

Taxes are included in the rates. Payment is due upon arrival into the parking lot. There is no upcharge for sport utility vehicles.

Effective 1/13/2020 cash will not be accepted for payment. Credit card only.


Cruise parking opens at 8:00am. Check out at 1:00pm.

Additional Parking

Located via iPark:
518 West 43rd Street & 10th Avenue NYC 212-736-7171
555 West 42nd Street & 11th Avenue NYC 212-736-7171

No Reservations

We do not accept reservations. Space is subject to availability and is provided to cruise parkers on a first come, first serve basis.

Height Restriction

8’3″ height restriction for all passenger vehicles.

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding Manhattan Cruise Terminal parking, email [email protected] or call (646) 299-4670.