Embarking & Disembarking


Immediately upon entering the Terminal, passengers will be directed towards the security and passenger screening area, and check-in area.


Following retrieval of baggage and exiting the Terminal building, returning passengers will be directed to awaiting coaches, taxis/limousines, and car parking. Passengers with cars may first retrieve their car and then pick-up luggage and fellow travelers.

Note: For NYCruise terminal COVID-19 protocols, please see our COVID-19 Information and Resources page.

A message from the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC)

  1. Do not let strangers direct you into a vehicle. There is a taxi stand for on demand service, and holding lot for pre-arranged trips, outside of the terminal.
  2. When taking a yellow or green taxi, or pre-arranged trip, make sure you are getting in an authorized TLC-licensed vehicle. You can identify legitimate vehicles by their license plates. Look for: “T&LC” or “TAXI” under the license number on the vehicle’s front or back license plate.
  3. Upon entering a yellow or green taxi, make sure the meter is switched on for a fair ride and remember to please take a receipt when exiting the taxicab. This is your right as a passenger.

Luggage Drop Off

Passengers arriving by private car should drop off luggage and passengers at the Terminal curbside first, and then proceed to the parking lot.

Luggage Storage

There are no storage lockers for luggage at the terminal for passengers. You will need to find an alternate facility to store luggage.