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For cruise availability and pricing please contact your favorite cruise line or a travel agent. A complete list of Home Port and Port of Call cruise lines can be found here. View our list of frequently-asked questions to assist in planning your cruise.

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    Main Office

    Pier 12, Building 112
    Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Address for GPS use ONLY
    210 Clinton Wharf
    Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Terminal Operator
    Ports America Inc.

    General Manager
    Ken Winkler
    [email protected]

    Event Space available through Ports America
    Nicole Norat
    [email protected]

    Other Useful Contacts

    Niko Martecchini, NYCEDC
    [email protected]

    U.S. Customs: 212.399.2901
    Multi-lingual Customer Service: 212.484.1222
    General NYC Info.: 311 or 212.NEW.YORK.